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Cheapest High Efficient cultivators  micro-diesel engine or gasoline-powered.

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Product Code TS209
Product name Mini tillage series,cultivator series
Model 1WG-6
Structure Front-mounted
Engine 186F Diesel engine
Rated Power 6.3KW
Dimension(L/W/H)(mm) 1600x920x951
weight(kg) 71
Transmission Mode Gear
Adjustment of handebar-Horizontal Available 
Adjustment of handebar-Vertical Available
Main clutch type Wet
Tilling width ≥900mm
Tilling depth ≥100mm
Operating speed ≥0.3m/s
Rotary blades 3 pieces and 4 set rotary blades
Wheel size 400-8

Main features of multifunction mini tiller


1.Cheapest High Efficient cultivators micro-diesel engine or gasoline-powered;
2.The multifunction cultivator is with light weight, small size, simple structure and so on.
3. Cultivator is widely used in plains, mountains, hills of dry land, paddy fields, orchards and so on.
4.Coupled with the appropriate equipment for pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying and other operations, but also towing trailers for short-distance transport, micro-tiller can exercise freely in the field, user-friendly and storage, eliminating the need for large-scale agricultural machinery can not enter Troubles in the mountains are the best choice for farmer consumers to replace cattle farming.
5. Low consumption and high efficiency, it is your best choice

Matched farm tools


Matched farm tools: 40 series and hundreds of attached farm tools

Mini tiller with different tools supporting effect

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Company culture:First-class enterprise,first-class equipment,first-class products,first-class service, to lead you to see a bright future.

Welcome friends at home and abroad to negotiate.

Common problem


1. Air-cooled machine cools down with water. Some operators saw that the air-cooled machine had a high temperature, and worried about damaging the machine, so they used watering methods to help cool down. In fact, it is a very wrong approach. When the temperature is suddenly cooled with water, the cylinder liner suddenly shrinks, it is easy to pull the cylinder, break the ring, and even the cylinder liner ruptures.

2. Do not pay attention to class maintenance. Some operators think that it is enough to do maintenance every few days. In fact, wear and tear is an accumulating process, and shift maintenance is equally important.

3. Not paying attention to the quality of fuel and lubricating oil. Poor fuel quality not only makes the machine power insufficient, but also accelerates the wear of the oil pump and the core sleeve. The quality of the lubricating oil directly affects the start-up performance and service life of the machine, so you must not be careless. Lu Qibing, from Shahe Village, Yaowan Township, Yichang City, reported that his machine has been working very well. It was because one operation lacked lubricating oil and renewed oil was added. As a result, the performance of the machine deteriorated, and the problem was finally solved after an overhaul.

4. Improper use of sealant for the partial cover of the engine. After the sealant is used for the partial cover gasket, the excess glue easily enters the gearbox. Due to the long-term work and the suction of the oil pump, the sealant can easily block the oil inlet hole, so that the crankshaft and connecting rod cannot be effectively lubricated.

5. The fuel tank cap should be sealed with film paper for leaking oil. After the fuel tank is sealed, negative pressure will be generated in the fuel tank after working for a long time, resulting in insufficient fuel intake, causing the machine to emit black smoke and insufficient power when working.

6. Only change the oil nozzle for poor diesel atomization. In addition to the problem of fuel nozzles, poor diesel atomization is mostly caused by high-pressure fuel pump wear, low pressure and low oil volume.

7. Tighten the screws on the body randomly. The tiller is mostly equipped with an engine with an aluminum alloy box. The hardness of aluminum alloy is obviously not as good as that of ductile iron. Therefore, all screws on the machine body must be tightened according to the specified torque, especially the cylinder head screws. Drawing". And try not to tighten the screws when the engine is warming up.

8. Randomly dismantle the wind deflector and wind deflector of the air cooler. Some operators do not know the role of the wind deflector and the wind deflector, thinking that it is something that keeps the dirt away, but it can be disassembled at will, so that the wind of the fan cannot be concentrated and the cooling effect is lost.

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