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Cheapest High Efficient cultivators  micro-diesel engine or gasoline-powered.

The micro-tiller can climb slopes, cross ridges, and has strong stepping characteristics. It is widely used in deep rotary ploughing, shallow rotary ploughing, ploughing, and ridge-building of dry land, paddy fields, orchards, vegetable fields, and tobacco fields in plains, mountains and hills. . It can also tow a trailer for short-distance transportation. The mini-tiller can travel freely in the field, which is convenient for users to use and store. It saves the trouble that large agricultural machinery cannot enter the mountainous fields. It is the best choice for farmers and consumers to replace cattle farming. , Is a multi-function micro-tiller that can’t be matched by large and medium-sized agricultural machinery. It is the most ideal small-scale agricultural machine to enter the peasant family, and it is deeply loved by the majority of users.

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Product detail specification


Product Code TS201
Product name Mini tillage series,cultivator series,
Model 1WG-4.2Q(Z)
Structure Front-mounted
Engine 170F Gasoline engine
Rated Power 4.2KW
Dimension(L/W/H)(mm) 1600x920x950
weight(kg) 70
Transmission Mode Gear
Adjustment of handebar-Horizontal Not available
Adjustment of handebar-Vertical Available
Main clutch type Wet
Tilling width ≥900mm
Tilling depth ≥100mm
Operating speed ≥0.3m/s
Nos of rotary blades 3pieces 4 set rotary blades
Wheel size 350-6

Product advantages


1、Make performance more powerful
Directly connected to all gears, which is more efficient than belt transmission

3、Make the product more durable
Three-stage filter air filter to extend the service life of the machine

2、Make operation more flexible
The micro tillage machine is equipped with a 360°rotating handle

4、Make travel more worry-free
Large-size tires save time, effort and worry

5、Make work safer
The micro tillage machine is installed, and the anti-scalding cover effectively prevents scalds

Product uses


Product uses:Our cultivators have multi functional, can be widely used in the mountains, hills,plain and in the rotary tillage, deep plowing,furrowing and ridging,sowing and gertilizing,weeding,crop harvesting etc.

mini power tiller uses

Main features of multifunction mini tiller


1.Cheapest High Efficient cultivators micro-diesel engine or gasoline-powered;
2.The multifunction cultivator is with light weight, small size, simple structure and so on.
3. Cultivator is widely used in plains, mountains, hills of dry land, paddy fields, orchards and so on.
4.Coupled with the appropriate equipment for pumping, power generation, spraying, spraying and other operations, but also towing trailers for short-distance transport, micro-tiller can exercise freely in the field, user-friendly and storage, eliminating the need for large-scale agricultural machinery can not enter Troubles in the mountains are the best choice for farmer consumers to replace cattle farming.
5. Low consumption and high efficiency, it is your best choice

Matched farm tools


Lightweight, easy to handle, easy to operate.
Easy maintenance, service, and spare parts availability.
Adjustable handle for all heights of men and women.
Value for money mini rotary tiller.
Easy maintenance, easy availability of spare parts.
Excellent working on different speeds and different power tiller cultivators

Mini tiller with different tools supporting effect

Packaging and shipping


Packaging and shipping:
Packaging quality is a reflection of product quality,we mainly has three methods to pack our cultivators,but detail as customers request, whichever method, quality should be guaranteed:
1,mini rotary tiller first packed in iron frame, then packed in to carton
2,mini rotary tiller first packed in wooden frame, then packed in to carton
3,mini rotary tiller wodden box directly

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