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Model Unit TT1604-D TT1604 TT1804 TT2004
Dimensions of tractor  Type / Drive type (4×4)
Power kW 118 118 132.5 147.0
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 4355×2110×2940 4750×2110×3140 4990×2320×3130 4990×2320×3130
Wheel base mm 2385 2600 2638 2638
Min.ground clearance  mm 410 420 465 465
Weight kg 5150 5150 5866 6400
Tread mm Front tread:1820(1620~1970)adjustable
Rear tread:1820(1620~1950)adjustable
 Power   Cluth  / Dry-type,double-acting
Engine / (Ⅲ)YUNNEI 4 Cylinder (Ⅲ)WEICHAI 6 Cylinder
Rated speed  r/min 2200 2300
Working porting Gear  / 16F+8R
PTO Type / 8 Pin、Φ38、Ⅰtype(Option: 21 Pin)
PTO Rated power kW ≥100.3 ≥100.3 ≥106.0 ≥118.0
PTO Speed
r/min 760/1000、760/850a
 Hydrualic system   Three point linkage /  
Rear,three-point suspension,cat 2
Hydrualic output /  
3-Way valve
3-Way valve( optional 4-Way valve)
 Hydrualic adjustment type /  
Forced hydrualic system,position control,floating control 
Max.lifting force at frame center  kN ≥28.3 ≥28.4 ≥31.8 ≥35.3
 Tyre )
Tyre (Front/ Tear)
/ 13.6-24/16.9-38 13.6-24/16.9-38 14.9-26/18.4-38 14.9-26/18.4-38
Optional tyre (Ⅰ) / 12.4-24/16.9-34 14.9-26/18.4-38 14.9-28/20.8-38 14.9-28/20.8-38
Optional tyre (Ⅱ)
/ / 12.4-24/16.9-34 13.6-24/16.9-38 /
Other options  
/ Fan cabin , Warm cabin,Air cabin

Product feature


●Powerful & reliable

1) Brand-name and high-quality engine of National Emission Standard II is selected, which is powerful,  reliable and economical.

2) The 10-inch double-acting clutch that works independently is applied, which is made of imported friction

material, with large torque reserve coefficient and high reliability.

3) The shifting yoke is more reliable with longer service life since inblock cast is applied.

●Comfortable driving & easy operation

The 16F+16R shuttle shift is smoother and more comfortable, which improves the continuous shifting and thus the efficiency.

●Excellent performance and high operation efficiency

1) The enhanced two-speed power output can be matched with more machines and tools to meet the needs of various operations.

2) The semi-partition lifter can work better with force-position control.

3)The rear track is adjustable to meet various agronomic requirements.

4) The fuel tank of large capacity works more efficiently.

5) The whole machine is tightly sealed without “three leaks”.

●Upgraded items of the product

The drive axle is improved from floating oil seal to box-type oil seal; the oil seal of key parts of the transmission system, such as half shaft, power take-off shaft is improved to NAK box-type oil seal for better sealing.

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