Multi functional diesel engine mini tiller cultivator micro cultivator hand mini rotary tiller

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Users should choose different tillage blades based on different soil quality.

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Product detail specification


Product Code TS199
Product name Mini tillage series,cultivator series
Model 1WG-4Q
Structure Front-mounted
Engine 176F Diesel engine(water-cooling)
Rated Power 4.2KW
Dimension(L/W/H)(mm) 1640x910x890
weight(kg) 85
Transmission Mode Belt
Adjustment of handebar-Horizontal Available 360°
Adjustment of handebar-Vertical Available 30°
Main clutch type Tensioner
Tilling width ≥900mm
Tilling depth ≥100mm
Operating speed ≥0.3m/s
Rotary blades 3 pieces and 4 set rotary blades
Wheel size 350-6

Mini power tillers cultivators matched farm tools:
40 series and hundreds of attached farm tools:
Since our mini power tillers cultivators are multifunctional, so one mini power tiller cultivators can match many farm tools as customer needs,it is worthy because it can be used not only long time but also many functions.

Product application of multi function mini tiller


1. The gasoline engine mini rotary tiller with advanced technology is suitable for the hills, slopes, small fields, garden, nursery and greenhouse. As you can see from the picture, it has the advantage of small size, light weight, easy assembly and use.
2. Users should choose different tillage blades based on different soil quality
3. The diesel engine mini tiller is applicable for the farming rotary, weeding ,cultivation, fertilization etc. Rotary tillage deeply is under 25 cm. Rotary tillage slope is less than 5°.
4. Low consumption and high efficiency, it is your best choice.

Matched farm tools


Matched farm tools: 40 series and hundreds of attached farm tools

Mini tiller with different tools supporting effect

Packaging and shipping


1,mini power tillers cultivators first packed in iron frame, then packed in to carton
2,mini power tillers cultivators first packed in wooden frame, then packed in to carton
3,mini power tillers cultivtors wodden Box directly
As a professional mini power tillers cultivators manufacturer,we have more than 10years producing experience and enough packaging and loading experience, we can save much space to save cost for customers. We have much experience of design logo for customers, so logo can be printed on ctn or wooden box, just based on our mini power tillers cultivators ‘s cutstomers request.

Company culture


First-class enterprise,first-class equipment,first-class products,first-class service, to lead you to see a bright future.

Three Guarantees Rules:Repair, replacement, and return


1. The main parts of the chassis (excluding wearing parts: throttle switch, throttle cable, clutch cable, reverse gear cable, friction plate, oil seal, bearing, etc.) are guaranteed for 1 year.
2. The following conditions are not included in the scope of the three guarantees:
a. Early wear and failure caused by improper use, maintenance and maintenance;
b. Failures caused by parts and parts that are not allowed to be adjusted or disassembled as specified in the product manual for self-modification, self-adjustment and disassembly;
c. After the failure, the damage is not maintained in the original state, or the seller or repairer has not obtained the consent of the seller or repairer, and the technical evaluation of the cause of the failure cannot be made by itself, except in the case of exceeding the response and disposal time limit;
d. Failure caused by misoperation by the operator not following the requirements of the instruction manual;
e. Failure caused by force majeure

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