Approved mini tractor

Techsurf Machinery Co.,Ltd can make tractors from 12hp-260hp,different horse power tractor has different functions,today we mainly talk about mini tractor which means shape mini not small horse power.

Every one has his role in this world,tractor also the same.Our mini tractor is 50hp,4 Cylinder,4×4 drive, mainly used for garden ,orchard, shed.The rows of the trees are narrower,we can use little skinny tractors. This tractor the size is 2800*1240*2085mm,small but enough power,has multifunction as others but is the best choose for garden,orchard,shed.


Mr.Li said he needs low-rider tractors because branches spread wide and tend to hang low.It can be flexible used.This one solved his problem.


Mini tractor has Compact and convenient, flexible operation, strong adaptability, low price advantage, so it is widely welcomed by many farmers.

Now more and more people like this one, this year our sales volume is 8655set which hit a new high.

Post time: Dec-23-2021