China’s first tractor came out

On July 20, 1958, it was a fine day in Luoyang. Located in the western suburbs of the first tractor factory gongs and drums loud, a big red tractor cape red color, “rumble” ground out of the factory door. The workers put on new clothes and welcomed the first tractor produced by new China with great joy.


Documentary # 1 tractor factory :( sound of tractor running) the tractor factory produces 15,000 54-horsepower tractors every year. From then on, the history of China’s inability to produce large numbers of tractors was over forever

tractor 1

On July 20, 1958, the first tractor of New China left the factory

tractor 2tractor 2

The 1962 edition of the third set of 1 yuan face value RMB printed on the tractor


In 1955, as one of the 156 key projects in the First Five-year Plan, the first tractor factory in New China broke ground in Luoyang, Henan Province. Lu Fulai, a young man from Shanghai, is one of the enthusiastic builders who have gathered in Luoyang from all over the country to support the construction of the First tractor factory. Mr. Lu said the hard working conditions didn’t deter his workers, who started work at dawn and continued until early in the morning to produce the country’s first tractor.

tractor 3

The first tractor is being assembled at the site workshop of the First tractor factory

tractor 4

“Tracing gold” is “Oriental red” tractor production at that time a special process


Documentary “The First Tractor Factory” : the good news of the tractor factory’s production of tractors spread across the vast rural areas of China, and farmers were delighted to welcome domestic tractors.

tractor 5

November 1, 1959, China’s first tractor factory officially put into operation. From that day on, a steady stream of Chinese-made tractors left Luoyang and drove to all parts of the country, marking the beginning of China’s agricultural mechanization.


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