Three tractor options for light, medium or heavy duty tasks

Whatever your type of application, there is a Techsurf tractor that is a perfect match for your productivity targets. With tractors across sizes and power outputs, our customers can find the balance they need to meet their budget and their project goals. For small-to-medium tasks, techsurf’s compact range of tractors are an economical and effective choice for maximized impact in narrower spaces. The TT504 is an excellent choice for everything home gardens to larger orchards, with good overhead and ground clearance and the implement versatility504D-1 tractors07 to perform a range of tasks.

As a standard tractor from the compact utility range, the TT2004 offers enhanced durability for long-haul applications, from larger property development to arable farming operations in vast rice fields. With the option of full hydraulic power steering and 6-port rear external hydraulic valve makes these tractors ideal for additional implement functionality.
. The TT2604 is Techsurf’s flagship tractor for 2021, with the highest power output and most advanced operator controls. While it is often called a “luxury tractor”, the TT2604has the power and productivity to take on the toughest of applications. Operators can command a six-speed power shift system without the operation of a clutch pedal, with 32 forward and 16 reverse speeds to promote efficient fuel burn. With the largest shaft distance (2750 ㎜) and vehicle width (2527㎜) in its class, this tractor also offers increased stability during work, and exhibits excellent traction not only for work on flat land with a baler or plow, but also on slopes.

For highly productive and cost-effective operations, ensure that the size and capabilities precisely matches the demand of your tasks. We can help you identify the right tractor that is not undersized or oversized for your type of task, so you maintain lower ownership costs with predictable and optimal fuel efficiency.

Post time: Sep-27-2021