Professional hand cultivator diesel engine gear micro tillage machine

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Mini power tillers cultivators are suitable for mountain, hill and narrow field operation. Mainly used for: paddy field, dry land, tea garden, orchard, forest garden and so on. Different tools can be selected for: rotary tillage, intertillage, weeding, soil loosening, fertilization operations. Features: four-weel drive transmission, light weight, small volume, use more convenient and labor-saving advantages. In the actual operation of mini rotary tiller, our products are the most labor-saving, and our models of four-wheel drive mini rotary tiller in the same Chinese industry is the most complete and technological innovation is among the best of the world.

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Product Code TSS09
Product name Garden managerment machine 4WD 186
Model 3TGQ-4S(Z)
Structure Two-axle,two-drive
Engine 186F Diesel engine
Rated Power 6.3KW
Dimension(L/W/H)(mm) 1690x810x940
weight(kg) 130
Transmission Mode Gear
Adjustment of handebar-Horizontal Available 360 °
Adjustment of handebar-Vertical Available 80°
Main clutch type Tensioner
Tilling width ≥700mm
Tilling depth ≥100mm
Ditching width ≥150mm
Ditching depth ≥150mm
Operating speed ≥0.3m/s
Attached tools Ditching blade,iron wheels,(2+1)rotary blades
Wheel size 400-8 Solid tire

Product uses


Product uses:Our cultivators have multi functional, can be widely used in the mountains, hills,plain and in the rotary tillage, deep plowing,furrowing and ridging,sowing and gertilizing,weeding,crop harvesting etc.

rotary working series

Main features of multifunction mini tiller


Main features of multifunction mini tiller: 
1.The gasoline engine mini power tillers cultivaotors with advanced technology is suitable for the hills, slopes, small fields, garden, nursery and greenhouse.
2. Users can choose different tillage blades based on different soil quality
3.The diesel engine mini cultivator tiller is applicable for the farming rotary, weeding ,cultivation, fertilization etc. Rotary tillage deeply is under 25 cm. Rotary tillage slope is less than 5°.
4.Female also can operate our mini power tillers cultivators.
5.Our mini power tillers cultivators has the advantage of small size, light weight, easy assembly and use.
6.Low consumption and high efficiency, it is your best choice.
Mini power tillers cultivators matched farm tools:
40 series and hundreds of attached farm tools:
Since our mini power tillers cultivators are multifunctional, so one mini power tiller cultivators can match many farm tools as customer needs,it is worthy because it can be used not only long time but also many functions.

Packaging and shipping


Mini tiller with different tools supporting effect

product maintenance
Due to the harsh working environment of the tiller, maintenance is particularly important. During the work of the tiller, due to the friction and vibration of the parts and components, and the invasion of oil, mud and water, the parts will inevitably cause wear and tear; loose connections, corrosion and aging. As a result, the technical condition of the tiller has deteriorated, the power has decreased, the fuel consumption has increased, the wear has accelerated, and the failures have continued to appear. In order to prevent the occurrence of the above situation, it is necessary to strictly implement the maintenance system of "prevention is more important than cure, and care is more important than repair".
Maintenance must be carried out in strict accordance with the maintenance cycle and content.

Company culture


Techsurf Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Rizhao City, Shandong Province. Founded in 2010, mainly producing agriculture machine
such as mini power tiller,cultivator,tractor,harvest machine and attached machine tools.
The company owns 120000square meters and hundreds set of advanced equipment to produce different machines for different purpose to
meet our cutomers. They can be widely used in mountains, hills, plains, shed to rotary tillage,deep plowing,furrowing and ridging,
sowing and fertitilizing,weeding,crop harvesting,pumping pesticide etc.
Company carries out scientific and modern enterprise managerment system,has a vibrant,progressive,strenuous and upward management
team,has a highly qualified research and and development,technical personnel constantly providing exquisite products to users.
Welcome friends at home and abroad come for more cooperation.



Q1: What is your packaging condition?
A: In general, we put the our mini power tillers cultivators in carton and then packed into the wooden box or put mini power tillers cultivators in iron frame and then ctn or depending on what custmer need.
Q2: What is your terms of payment?
A:Usually, we accept T/T or L/C. 30% deposit first,70% balance against the copy of B/L.Other terms of payment is allowed
Q3: How is your delivery time?
A: Usually, it takes10-20 days after depositing, anyhow, it depends on the order details.
Q4:Can I get some sample of mini power tillers cultivators?
A: We are honored to offer you samples.
Q5: About MOQ?
A: complete machine:≥1 pc, our company is able to produce 3000 mini power tillers cultivators per month.

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